SET DINNER MENUS @WOODS "laavuillallinen"

For groups up to 30 persons. Bigger groups also possible with some adjustments.  Menu is both local and seasonally tailored for each group.

Optimal size for group is up to you. Food will be fine no matter the amount of guests.

All menus have three categories in which the details vary, based on facilities available in the chosen venue:

CABIN or SAUNA is eating inside in a warm and cozy hut or sauna (venue rent not included).

CAMP FIRE is cooking and eating by the fire.

EXTREME is cooking and eating in the woods within all the elements. With open fire and/ or Trangia camp cookers.

Sorry! We are currently updating this site due to positive changes. Dinner Menus will be available also in Lapland next season 2023-2024!


For groups up to 50 persons. Bigger groups also possible with some adjustments. Please note that price per person drops as your group gets bigger.

Prices include food and wood for the fire and mineral water and all gear needed for eating. Possible rent for hut or sauna etc. is not included. Many outdoor destinations are for free of charge though.

Char- Grilled fresh fish and coffee (from 6 to 20 persons)

Not too inspirational but so very tasty and soo Finnish! Cooked freshly by the camp fire, served with vegetables and fresh dill and butter

Lake Fish soup and coffee (from 6 to 50 persons)
Cooked right beside you by the fire, served with local rye bread and butter

Rosvolammas and coffee (from 12 to 50 persons)
Traditional Finnish way of preparing lamb roast in a pothole under the fire. Takes long time to prepare, so I'll start it in the morning and you'll come to eat later in the afternoon! Served with potatoes and fresh salad. A few beers will go fine with it! We can always char grill some fresh fish together as we are waiting for the lamb! 

Breakfast or Brunch @woods (for minimum 12 persons)
Start your day with the best oatmeal porridge you've ever had! Then have a hot cup of real camp fire coffee and see what else is there to get your hands (and mouth of course) on!

Wild mushroom risotto and coffee (from 6 to 50 persons)
Cooked by the camp fire or individually in camp gas cookers. Also organic oatmeal (Heikin Leipä) based risotto available.

Please ask for tailored package for small and bigger groups.


All inclusive means that you just need your own personal gear (clothes for season, sleeping bag, etc.), but skis, back packs etc can be included in the bundle. I will both guide and cook for you. And will help you carry some of your gear as well.

Up to 8 persons. Larger groups are possible with adjustments. There is 2 persons minimum for hiking bundles, but please note that price per person decreases as group gets bigger. Overnight stays in hotels before and after hiking are not included. I'll do the bookings for you, and lots more!

Please contact me and let's make a plan according to your wishes and your schedule. I'll make you a plan and an offer!

One-day 'all inclusive' hiking tour in Tampere area
@Seitseminen National Park, @Ellivuori Resort area, @Kangasala area, etc.  Min 5 km with two meals and a snack and coffee. For minimum of 4 persons. Transportation to destination and back optional.

from 350€/ person

Overnight 'all inclusive' hiking trip in Tampere area (2 days)
@Seitseminen National Park, @Ellivuori Resort area, @Kangasala area, @Orivesi, @Siikaneva, @Laipanmaa. Minimum 15 km with three meals and two snacks and coffees. For minimum of 4 persons. Transportation to destination and back optional.

from 450€/ person

3-day 'all inclusive' hiking trip in Southern Finland

@Seitseminen National Park, @Liesjärvi and @Torronsuo National Parks, @Evo National Park, just to mention some! Minimum of 20 km with two breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners by the fire. Plus snacks and coffees. For minimum of 2 persons. Transportation to destination and back optional.

from 850€/ person

Five to eight day 'all inclusive' hiking trip in Lapland
Trip starts perhaps from your Lapland Hotel Lobby somewhere in Lapland, or from the Airport of Ivalo (or Helsinki?). We'll stay four to six days and nights in UKK National Park and hike about 70 to 120 km during the trip. I prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner - and provide two snacks and coffees - per full day, so enough of tasty food and badly needed calories for sure. For minimum of 2 persons.

from 1500€/ person

Anything fun and legal in the woods - as long as it includes food!
I'll be more than happy to discuss your ideas and hopes with you!

Prices include VAT 14% and 24%.